The Terminal

OBA Bulk Terminal Amsterdam is a versatile terminal in the port of Amsterdam. Main focus (but not limited to) is on the handling and storage of dry bulk products. Throughout the years we gained a vast experience in the handling and storage of all kind of dry bulk commodities, like: Minerals, agribulk, scrap, ores, slags, sands, ferro-alloys, fertilizers, salt, pig iron, coal, cokes etc.

Covered storage

The storage sheds are situated on the Main Terminal. The 5 sheds (in total 25.000m2 of covered storage capacity) are located directly at our main quay, which means they have deep water access. With our gantry cranes the vessel can be directly discharged into the sheds with the grab . One of our gantry cranes is equipped with a dynamic weighing system.

Main Terminal

OBA Main Terminal is located in the Westhaven of the port of Amsterdam. Total quay length for berthing the importers is 900 meters.

With the separate belt systems, we are able to discharge two (cape size) vessels simultaneously to the open storage areas. The total of the 7 km of conveyor belt system provide a good access to the Main Terminal, with a discharging capacity up to 80.000mt per day. 8 large magnetic separators are installed at strategical points in the belt system, to clean out any tramp iron contamination  from the cargo’s.

Terminal North

Terminal North neighboring the Main Terminal of OBA. At Terminal North there is no converyor beld infrastructure, meaning that the layout of this part of the terminal is much more flexible. At Terminal North we have two berths for upto capesize vessels and discharging of these vessels is being done by our floating crane. Apart from the floating crane there are serveral options with mobile shorecranes for the re-loading into barges.

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