Covered storage

For the covered storage of the products, we have 5 sheds situated directly at our main quay and under reach of our gantry cranes. The rooftops of the sheds can be opened, through which the sheds can be filled/emptied with grab of the gantry cranes and no conveyor belts have te be used for the in and outward movements. One of out grantry cranes is equipped with a certified high precision grab weighing system, which makes it able to determine the weight of the products that are going in or out of storage.

The layout of the sheds is very flexible and with use of shiftable walls, several boxes can be created to be able to store several smaller lots seperately in one sheds. The total storage capacity of the sheds is 175.000mt.

Open storage

The total surface of the terminal is 700.000m2. At Main Terminal the open storage space is under reach of a comprehensive conveyor belt system of in total abt. 7km in length. Separate in- and outgoing routes make the terminal very flexible with high throughput rates.
At Terminal North there are no conveyors. The paved open area makes it flexible for the storage of all kind of (break)bulk products.

The total storage space at Main Terminal and Terminal North is approx. 3.500.000 tonnes

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