Throughout the whole organisation OBA is committed to a strict HSSE program. A safe working environment is clearly one of the key drivers in our operations.

In order to achieve this safe environment we set up a set of base rules:

  1. When entering the OBA site, it is required to report yourself and sign up at the main gate.
  2. Maximum driving speed at the site is 15 km p/h. Parking vehicles is only allowed in the designated areas.
  3. It is mandatory to wear personal protective equipment, such as reflective clothing, hard hat and safety shoes.
  4. Furthermore it is mandatory to wear the personal protective equipment that is specifically needed for the job to be done, such as hearing protection, fall protection, protective glasses and gloves.
  5. It is prohibited to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs during the activities at the OBA site. Smoking is not allowed inside of the buildings and in the ATEX zones, except for the designated smoking areas.
  6. Entering confined spaces such as vessel holds, is not allowed before the oxygen, carbon monoxide/dioxide, methane and phosphine levels are measured and approved. Only certified measurement expert are allowed to perform these measurements.
  7. Make sure that the equipment that is being used is in good shape and functioning correctly before starting the activities.
  8. It is not allowed to execute repair-, maintenance- and cleaning activities when the installations are not switched off. Installation (or parts thereof) are only to be considered switched off when a working permit has been issued.
  9. It is not allowed to be within the working area / directly under the grabs or any loads lifted with one of the cranes.
  10. Never take unnecessary risks. Comply with the safety and environment policies which can be found on this website and are available at our HSSE department.

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