Short Sea

Via the North Sea into the UK, Scandinavia etc.

Barges via the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal (inland waterway)

With a length of 60km and a width of 120 meters this important canal connects the Port of Amsterdam with the river Rhine and thus the most important industrial area’s in the hinterland. This canal is accessible for the largest (push)barge combinations up to 12.000 mt cargo, for instance to the steel industry, but also the very large motorbarges up to 10.000 mt cargo.

Rail connection:

Amsterdam offers an extensive access to the rail system into Germany, France etc.
A direct connection to the „Betuwelijn“ has been realized early 2010.
At present OBA has a capacity of 20.000 mt / per day onto rail. However this can be easily increased should the market require so.

Road connection:

An extensive network of motorways is available for road transportation.

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